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May 9, 2010

my great grandmother’s pot

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This was my great grandmother’s pot. There are many like it, but this one was hers.

Without this pot, most of my kitchenware has very little history. Without me, and my mother, and my grandmother, and my great grandmother, this pot would have no history … and probably isn’t worth much either, thanks to a few dings, some discoloration from use, and the lack of a flashy French brand name.

Without this hand-me-down pot, I would have had almost nothing to cook food in when I graduated from UCLA and moved to San Francisco nearly 5 years ago. Without my mother, aunt and grandmother, I might never have learned to cook, bake, and candy-make and might never have known how much I love doing all three.

(Here’s me waving “hi” to you, Mom, from several hundred miles away.)

Happy Mother’s Day!

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