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August 17, 2011

marinated roasted mushrooms and zucchini

I have noticed a lot of complaints lately on Twitter and the rest of the interweb – from foodies more fortunate than me, in that they actually have outdoor space – about overabundant zucchini and summer squash littering their gardens. And I have a solution: drop some off at my apartment. I would be ecstatic to help relieve the burden.

However, being mindful that some of these poor, unfortunate souls may not live in the Bay Area, I recommend roasting the prolific veggies (or grilling – for those living in places that actually have hot summer weather; not San Francisco). But don’t stop there.

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Pair the sweet, buttery squash with some meaty, earthy mushrooms. And after roasting, marinate them in a bit of lemon juice, vinegar, parsley and thyme for a few minutes – or overnight if time permits. The condensed flavors from the roasting get a wonderful pick-me-up from the acid-herb marinade. Then scoop the veggies over a bit of farro or brown rice – something with a slight textural chew that will also sop up the juices. Or dig in with a fork.

Either way, zucchini problem solved.

Marinated Roasted Mushrooms and Zucchini (inspired by Meg’s Marinated Mushrooms and Farro Salad with Roasted Mushrooms)
Serves 2 alone or 4 with farro or rice

I used crimini mushrooms, but feel free to use a variety of mushrooms as well as summer squash.

A few tips: Make sure the Parmesan is coarsely grated or ground; the gritty texture is delightful here. If you have time, roast and marinate the veggies one day in advance to allow flavors to meld; otherwise, it still tastes wonderful straight from the oven. Finally, for something more substantial, I recommend pairing these with a slightly chewy grain, such as farro or brown rice, which will help sop up the juices too.

Vegan option: omit Parmesan; top with a handful of chopped roasted and salted nuts instead.

1/2 lb. mushrooms, chopped into sixths
3/4 lb. zucchini, chopped into similar size as mushrooms
2 Tbsp. olive oil, plus an optional glug or two more
1/4 c. red onion, chopped
2 Tbsp. lemon juice
1 Tbsp. white wine or champagne vinegar
1/4 c. parsley, chopped
1/4 tsp. dried thyme
1/4 c. coarsely grated Parmesan

Preheat oven to 350F.

Toss mushrooms and zucchini in 2 Tbsp. olive oil, and sprinkle lightly with salt and black pepper. Toss to coat. Spread evenly on baking sheet or casserole dish. Roast for 18 minutes, stirring halfway through. Add red onion, and roast for another 3 minutes until onions have softened.

Remove from oven. Toss with lemon juice, vinegar, parsley, and thyme. Do ahead: everything can be prepared to this point up to a day in advance, and stored in an airtight, refrigerated container. Immediately prior to serving, toss with Parmesan. Serve hot or room temperature by itself, or on top of farro or brown rice.

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