This domino gambling video game, whose name can also be written KiuKiu, is an Indonesian family member of the Cantonese video game Pai Gow. As in Pai Gow the basic objective is to split a four-card hand right into 2 two-card subsets, such that the total variety of spots in each subset has a units number that’s as shut as feasible to 9. Words Qiu or Kiu is originated from a Chinese language pronunciation of words for 9, so that the name of the video game means 9-9, which would certainly be the best feasible hand if it weren’t for several unique mixes that are placed greater.

It appears that situs qq online is played throughout Indonesia. This web page is mainly based upon information from Sherly Himawa, that is from North Sumatra. Fred Eiseman’s book on traditional video games from Southern Bali has a brief, insufficient summary of Ceblok Kyu, which seems an easier variation of the same video game. Ceblok / jeblok is a word for absolutely nothing or dropping right into an opening, so this name has the sense of 0-9.

Gamers, Cards and Risks

judi qq online is had fun with a deck of 28 Indonesian dominoes, which are normally published on thick card, about 5.5cm ×2.9cm. The framework of the deck coincides as that of a Western double-6 domino set: each card has from no to 6 spots on each finish, and there’s one card with each feasible mix from [0-0] to [6-6].The spots are red, and the 1-spot is significantly bigger compared to the spots for the various other numbers – see illustration.

There can be from 2 to 6 gamers. The video game works better with more gamers and 6 is the ideal number for a video game. Deal and play are clockwise.

Before beginning to play, the gamers should settle on the quantity of the stake and the minimal and maximum wagers throughout the video game.

Hand Position

A total hand is composed of 4 cards. There are 4 kinds of unique hand which beat all various other hands. From highest to most affordable, these are:

Enam Dewa (6 Gods). A hand including the 4 cards that have 6 spots: [3-3], [4-2], [5-1], [6-0]. This is the best feasible hand.
Empat Balak (4 Increases). Any 4 of the 7 increases, for instance [6-6], [4-4], [1-1], [0-0]. This defeats everything other than 6 Gods. 9
Murni Besar (Pure Big). A hand with at the very least 39 spots, for instance [6-5], [5-4], [5-5], [6-3].
Murni Kecil (Pure Small). A hand with not greater than 9 spots, for instance [0:0], [0:2], [2:1], [2:2].
Keep in mind that a connection in between unique hands isn’t feasible. For instance the 8 biggest cards have just 77 spots in total so not greater than one gamer can have as many as 39. Similarly the 8 tiniest cards have a total 19 spots so just one gamer can have 9 or less.

If no one has an unique hand, the best regular hand will win. Each gamer splits their hand right into 2 sets of 2 cards, and the worth of each set of cards is the units number of the total variety of spots. For instance [6-1]+[5-2] with each other have 14 spots, so the worth is 4. [3-2]+[4-0] with each other have 9 spots, so the worth is 9, the highest feasible. [3-3]+[4-0] have 10 spots, so the worth is no.

When contrasting 2 regular hands, the greater valued sets are contrasted first, after that the lower valued sets. So each gamer makes the highest total they can with 2 cards, preferably 9, and the worth of the various other 2 cards will be used just if there’s a connection for the very best high set. For instance 8-2 defeats 7-7 because 8 is higher than 7, and 9-5 defeats 9-4 because the 9’s are equal and 5 is higher than 4

The best regular hand is 9-9, which gives rise to the name of the video game. For instance [3:1], [6:6], [5:0], [5:2] would certainly be arranged as [3:1]+[5:0], [6:6]+[5:2] production 9 and 9. The hand [6-6], [6-2], [5-2], [3-3] would certainly be arranged as [6-6]+[5-2], [6-2]+[3-3] so that the sets total 9 and 4.

Deal and Wagering

The first dealer is chosen by any practical technique, and the rely on deal passes to the left after each hand.

Before the deal every gamer that wishes to be dealt a hand places the concurred stake in the pot.

The dealer shuffles the cards, after which other gamer that wishes to shuffle may do so. When all are satisfied, the dealer deals 3 cards face to each gamer. The dealer can choose the technique of dealing. The first card(s) can be offered to any gamer, and the deal proceeds clockwise from there. The cards can be dealt singly, or a rounded of 1 card each complied with by a rounded of 2 cards each, or 2 cards complied with by one card, or in batches of 3 cards.

The gamers appearance at their 3 cards and there’s a rounded of poker-like wagering, where the dealer wases initially to act. If there is no previous wager in the present rounded the options are:

inspect, placing say goodbye to money in the pot, or
wager, including an a total up to the pot and requiring various other gamers at the very least to suit this quantity if they want to remain in the hand.
After there is a wager or raise, the 3 options are:

fold. The gamer places in say goodbye to money, tosses away their hand face down, and gives up the chance to win the pot.
call. The gamer includes enough money to the pot so that their total payment to the pot amounts to the quantity added by the gamer that most recently wager or increased.
raise. The gamer includes more money compared to would certainly be required to call, requiring various other gamers to suit their payment if they wish to remain in.
The rounded proceeds for as many circuits as needed until either there’s just one making it through gamer, all the various other gamers having actually folded up, or until everybody has had a possibility to act and all the making it through gamers have an equivalent quantity of money in the pot.

Further information of poker-style wagering can be found on the online texas hold’em wagering web page.

If greater than one gamer makes it through after this first wagering rounded, the dealer deals another card face to each of the making it through gamers. They appearance at these cards and there’s a 2nd wagering rounded, beginning with the dealer or the first gamer clockwise from the dealer that has not dropped out.

If at any phase of the video game just one gamer makes it through, all the others having actually folded up, the making it through gamer gathers the entire pot without showing any cards, and the rely on deal passes to the next dealer.

If at completion of the last wagering rounded there are 2 or more gamers in the video game, the making it through gamers arrange their cards face down, so that the cards they wish to include are beside each various other (unless they have an unique hand). When all prepare they show their cards, and the highest position hand, as discussed over, gathers the entire pot. If there’s a connection for highest hand – for instance 2 gamers each have 9-7 – after that they split the pot equally in between them.


There many local variants of this video game. Therefore when having fun with unknown challengers it’s important to concur the rules in advance.

Unique Hands

Seri. Some have fun with an extra unique hand ‘seri’ (straight or sequence), which is a hand whose cards have spot overalls in a successive series. For this purpose the complete overalls are counted, not simply the units number. for instance [6-4], [5-4], [6-2], [4-3] is a seri 10-9-8-7. A seri ranks instantly listed below 9-9: it defeats 9-8 and all lower hands. If 2 gamers each have a seri, the one with more spots is better. Keep in mind that in practice 10-9-8-7 is the best seri, because 12-11-10-9 would certainly be played as a murni besar and 11-10-9-8 would certainly be played as a 9-9.

Some gamers don’t identify enam dewa (6 gods) as an unique hand, and some place the hands in a various purchase. For instance the Kiu Kiu Wikipedia web page gives just 3 hands that beat 9-9: the highest is murni besar, after that murni kecil, after that empat balak.

Some have various point limits for murni besar and murni kecil, but the limits provided over are one of the most rational, since they ensure that 2 gamers cannot make the same unique hand.

Fred Eiseman’s summary of the variation Ceblok Kyu from Southern Bali doesn’t mention any unique hands at all.

Unique Cards and Mixes

Hui. Some use the [2-1] and [4-2] as ‘hui’, each which can stand for the various other. That’s, each of these cards can be counted as either 3 or 6 at the player’s choice. So for instance [5-1], [4-2], [6-2], [1-0] can be played as 9-9, checking the [4-2] as 3 spots. This power cannot be used to earn unique hands: for instance the [2-1] cannot be counted as a 6 to earn an Enam Dewa (6 Gods) hand, the [4-2] cannot be counted as 3 to earn Murni Kecil (Pure Small) when maing a Seri (Series) the [4-2] is constantly 6 and the [2-1] constantly 3.

3 increases. Some play that 3 increases can be used with each other as a 9 (kiu), checking the 4th card singly. In this situation, for instance, [0-0], [2-2], [3-3], [6-3] can be counted as 9-9. Without this guideline it would certainly just be 9-5.

Contrasting Hands

Some play that in situation of a connection where one or both hands include increases, the hand containing the highest double victories.

Some play that when contrasting hands where no set of cards deserves 9, each of the sets is contrasted. The pot is split in between the gamer with the best high set and the best reduced set. If there’s a connection for highest high set or highest reduced set, most likely that fifty percent of the pot is split again. However, any hand where one set of cards deserves 9 defeats any regular hand with no set well worth 9. Instances: 8-4 versus 7-7 is split in between both gamers (8 defeats 7 and 7 defeats 4), but 9-4 defeats 8-8 and takes the entire pot. Likewise 9-4 defeats 9-3 and takes the entire pot. Keep in mind that in this variation it may not constantly be best to earn the highest number you can with among your sets. For instance if you have actually [2-2], [3-0], [6-6], [6-5] you might sometimes do better to arrange them as 5-5 instead compared to 7-3 so as to win fifty percent the pot if your opponenty has something such as [3-3], [3-1], [2-0], [6-4] and organizes it as 8-4.

Deal and Variety of Wagering Rounds

Some gamers deal 2 cards each first, complied with by a wagering rounded, after that another card, after that a 2nd wagering rounded, after that a 4th card, and finally a 3rd wagering rounded.

On the various other hand, some have fun with simply one wagering rounded after the first 3 cards are dealt, and no wagering after the gamers receive their 4th card,

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