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February 10, 2011

versatile unseasoned bread crumbs

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I love bread, but I don’t purchase it often. Sometimes, I get a little ambitious and make it myself. Other times, I do end up purchasing fresh bread, only to end up with unwanted scraps, end pieces, and extra hunks or slices that wind up getting stale. When you’re buy a one-pound loaf for two people, there’s just not much hope of going through it all within the first 24 hours while it’s still fresh. These sad, neglected bits of bread are the inevitable result.

As part of my ongoing effort to waste less food by finding new ways to use every edible item I buy (even the ones that have seen better days), I started shoving bread into the freezer, promising myself that I would decide what to do with it later. A few months and a freezer bag full of unloved bread scraps later, I decided to make bread crumbs.

When I decided to make my own bread crumbs, I initially flip-flopped over whether to season them. I decided against seasoning for a few reasons. (more…)

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