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January 12, 2011

ultimate creamed spinach

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Truth be told, I’ve always found creamed spinach a little blah. Why sully healthy spinach with cream when you could steam or saute it and season the wilted greens with exactly the same ingredients used in the creamed spinach?

Enter Parmesan and Emmental, a smooth Swiss cheese, and my attitude towards creamed spinach is transformed as profoundly as the dish’s flavor.

SAM_3337-250 SAM_3338-250

Yes, the cheeses are rich. But so is creamed spinach, naturally, as it contains heavy cream and, often, whole milk. The difference is that the flavor from the cheeses makes the spinach much more flavorful and creamy and totally worth the caloric splurge. (more…)

August 17, 2010

tomato and goat cheese tart

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After more than seven years together, I have discovered that Jay has one truly deep-seated flaw: he hates tomatoes. I, on the other hand, think that big, beautifully colorful, late summer tomatoes are just about the best food that all seasons of fruits and veggies have to offer.

Luckily for me and for our relationship, he took a trip to Boston earlier this summer, which finally gave me the opportunity to make this gorgeous full-sized French tomato and goat cheese tart.

DSCN8165-250 DSCN8168-250
DSCN8170-250 DSCN8177-250

Truth be told, I had been lusting after this particularly simple tart ever since David Lebovitz first shared the recipe back in May. But the tomatoes in San Francisco weren’t quite at their peak yet, and I soon found myself buried in outlines and practice exams covering the 17 subjects that are “fair game” on the California bar exam.

Nevertheless, once Jay took off for Boston, I splurged on some particularly red and fragrant tomatoes and knew it was tart time.

DSCN8184-250 DSCN8186-250

But first, I snacked. The tomatoes were too tempting. (more…)

November 10, 2009

lobster mac & cheese

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Hello there, friends and foodies.  Apologies to all those who I have recently (i.e., during the past 2+ months) denied to send recipes because my blog entries would provide them oh-so-soon.  And here we are, a few months later, on the verge of law school final exam season, and finally – yes, finally! – after much anticipation (at least, by me) and with a much-less-than-perfectly-designed website and a not-totally-original recipe, I’m happy to post my first official food blogging entry.  It only took 2.5 months for my need for procrastination before exams to surmount my obsession with formatting perfectionism, and now you are the happy beneficiaries.

DSCN4988small DSCN5003small

Macaroni and cheese is, without a doubt, the ultimate second-best comfort food, after my slow-cooked garlic butter and Parmesan mashed trio of potatoes, which I promise to post about between now and Thanksgiving (I swear! I totally botched that, having just posted the recipe a year and several days after Thanksgiving later).  But this is no ordinary mac and cheese.  Here, the lobster adds sophistication, making this mac and cheese recipe truly decadent.

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