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June 26, 2010

blueberry muffin-top browned butter cookies

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Blueberry muffins and chocolate chip cookies better watch their backs because this blueberry-studded cookie is seriously coming after them and has a good chance of stealing their limelight. Plump, sweet berries are enveloped in the crunchy outer and chewy-soft inner of this nutty, toffee-tasting browned butter cookie dough.

DSCN8431-250 DSCN8439-250
DSCN8444-250 DSCN8452-250

These summery little treats bring the best of part of blueberry muffins – the blueberries – to the table in a form that’s easier to snack on than a giant blueberry muffin that you can’t possibly finish and less shameful than munching on itty-bitty, bite-sized ones until, oh look at that!, they’re all gone. And, more importantly, with blueberry cookies, you can personally ensure that each and every cookie has several bites of blueberries to it. Even if you’re not the baker, you can visually assess each cookie before you commit. Gone are the days of sad, fruitless hunting through a muffin to in a vain attempt to find the juicy blue pearls of sweetness you desire.

DSCN8465-250 DSCN8468-250

Not that the muffin doesn’t have its charm. (more…)

January 29, 2010

soft ginger molasses cookies

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Very rarely do I come across a cookie that I truly fall in love with – the measure of love being that I could devour an entire 2-dozen batch without tiring of the flavor. This could be somewhat of a tragedy, considering how versatile cookies can be. But it’s not because, for several years now, I’ve been having a love affair with a certain ginger and molasses softie.

DSCN5217-250x187 DSCN5233-250x187

This little bite of my personal cookie heaven is spicy (but not too spicy) sweet (but not teeth-numbingly so), chewy on the outer edges yet soft in the middle – the perfect texture for this cookie, really (yes, that’s a jab at YOU Mr. Hard-and-crunchy Overly-snappy Gingersnap!).


Lucky for you, I am not a selfish lover and am willing to share the details of this affair so that you might enjoy one of your own. (N.B. The magically disappearing 2-dozen cookies act is a phenomenon that family and friends have been known to fall victim to when it comes to this particular mouthful of joy.) Also, if you come across this recipe at least a day in advance of when you want to make it, I would highly recommend chopping up some candied ginger and adding it to the cookie dough.

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