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October 27, 2011

project wedding dessert bar: part 9 (toffee)

This toffee is an oldie but goodie. It is the first candy I ever learned to make (Thanks Mom!). Except that, back then, I learned to make it with milk chocolate and almonds. Or maybe it was pecans. I forget (it’s been a couple decades). Now, I prefer it topped with bittersweet chocolate and pistachios.

The key is to start with room temperature butter. Or fake it with a microwave. Or deviate from the recipe a little and just melt the butter slowly in a pot before adding the sugar.

Reach deep down into that almost-empty 10-pound bag of sugar. I couldn’t believe I was almost at the bottom. Good thing I had another 10-pound bag on hand … because that’s the kind of over-preparation I do when making everything for my own wedding dessert bar, apparently.

Must stem from Girl Scouts back in the day. “Be prepared,” which in my perfectionist mind translates to “be more than prepared at all times for things you couldn’t possibly imagine might happen at the beginning of a project.” Like actually using up an entire 10-pound bag of sugar. (more…)

February 2, 2011

toffee topped with bittersweet chocolate and pistachios

I have a confession to make. I’ve been holding out on you. I should be ashamed. It took me more than a year from my first blog post to actually share this recipe. Sure, there are quite a few toffee recipes available online anyway. But none of those are the one I’ve been making since I was old enough to reach a countertop. None of those are the recipe I attempted to make as a teenager only to get distracted, fail to stir the pot often enough, burn the toffee, and get a good screaming-at from my mother for wasting ingredients, among my other then-apparent inadequacies.

SAM_3523-250 SAM_3527-250

And none of those were recipes that, despite such a traumatic experience, I continued to make again and again as I grew older, feeling inspired to become a life-long homemade candy gift-giver for holidays. In other words, this ain’t no Hershey’s Skor toffee bar, people. This is the good stuff. (more…)

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