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August 17, 2011

marinated roasted mushrooms and zucchini

I have noticed a lot of complaints lately on Twitter and the rest of the interweb – from foodies more fortunate than me, in that they actually have outdoor space – about overabundant zucchini and summer squash littering their gardens. And I have a solution: drop some off at my apartment. I would be ecstatic to help relieve the burden.

However, being mindful that some of these poor, unfortunate souls may not live in the Bay Area, I recommend roasting the prolific veggies (or grilling – for those living in places that actually have hot summer weather; not San Francisco). But don’t stop there. (more…)

December 8, 2010

healthy artichoke dip

Several weeks ago, I was feigning for artichoke dip badly enough to update my facebook status to that effect. A few days and still no artichoke dip for me later, my friend Linda warned me that she was going to stop reading my facebook updates, as the most recent one had sent her on an artichoke dip bender. Just trying to picture her in the middle of an “artichoke dip bender” made me laugh, as I imagined my petite friend taking on bowl after bowl of hollowed out sourdough rounds filled to the brim with steaming hot dip.

Then I thought about the mayonnaise. And the cream cheese. And the sour cream. And suddenly, I decided I wasn’t really interested in artichoke dip anymore.

SAM_2823-250 SAM_2825-250

Several weeks later, it’s mid-holiday season, that fabulously creamy dip trio is everywhere, and my artichoke dip craving has resurfaced. Normally, I bump up my running regimen around this time of year so that I can enjoy the rich dips, buttery candies, sugary cookies, and syrupy cocktails without ballooning out of my pants. But thanks to some intense hip and ankle pain causing my physical therapist to outlaw most forms of exercise except for short, flat walks, I’m totally screwed this year.

But it’s okay. Things can’t be all that bad when I recently passed the bar exam, got engaged, and received an offer for my dream job – a legal-business hybrid position at BlogHer – just one hour before getting sworn in as a member of the State Bar of California. Seriously. 2010 was a stressful year, but the last few months have made everything worth it. Especially now that I’ve come up with an artichoke dip that I can enjoy guilt-free. (more…)

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