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September 30, 2010

limoncello (lemon liqueur)

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Five months ago, I put a ton of Meyer lemon peels in a bowl with some Everclear. Making homemade limoncello would be the perfect celebratory, boozy end to three years of law school. After all, Jay and I had taken a fabulous tour of Italy prior to law school, and book-ending the experience with a quintessentially Italian liqueur just seemed fitting.

DSCN6779-250 DSCN6792-250

Then, I read the rest of the recipes I had collected, including countless reviews, and realized that the peels would have to continue swimming in liquor for another four months to get that homemade Italian quality that two weeks’ soaking just doesn’t achieve. Damn. Not so immediately celebratory after all.

DSCN6802-250 DSCN6801-250

But I figured I had two months of booze-less studying for the bar exam ahead of me, so by the time the big brain cram was done, I’d already be three months into a four-month process. Fine. (more…)

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