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November 24, 2009

veal marsala w/mushrooms & fettuccine alfredo

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DSCN5093-500x373I will readily admit that I am cooking (and eating) at the edge of my conscience when it comes to veal – maybe even over the line.  But once twice maybe three times a year, my desire for the supremely tender meat gets the best of me, and I put on blinders to enjoy the chic delicacy. Somehow (probably due to a combination of expense and being a finicky eater at a younger age), I had never tasted veal until about 5 years ago when I flew to Massachusetts to visit Jay and his grandmother, the incredibly chic and exceptionally knowledgeable about most all things culture-, art-, food-, and travel-related Mrs. Claire H.

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DSCN5068-226x180 DSCN5087-226x180


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