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February 17, 2010

prosciutto and fig pizza swirls

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From the simple dough-sauce-cheese combo to toppings galore, what’s not to like about pizza? Pizza offers incredible flexibility and can accommodate everyone from the most adventurous eaters on down the foodie totem pole to the blasphemous cheese-haters picky eaters.

DSCN5464-250x187 DSCN5466-250x187

Pizza is also really easy to make at home if you buy fresh dough from your local pizzeria or Whole Foods, and then you won’t be limited as to toppings or sauces. Big fan of a standard Margherita pizza but want to use heirloom tomatoes? Now’s your chance! Want to transform left over barbecued chicken from the weekend into a different-but-delicious dish that won’t leave your family groaning about eating left overs? Make barbecued chicken pizza – or any type of pizza with chicken on it, for that matter.

DSCN5471-250x187 DSCN5479-250x187


So here I am, pontificating the merits of pizza as though you weren’t already pizza’s biggest fan. But let me tell you, as delicious as six slices a slice can be straight out of the oven, or after a night of embracing your inner lush, or for breakfast even after it sat on the counter all night (I know – unsafe practice; but I don’t know anyone who has ever gotten sick from it), pizza has never been quite so irresistible as it is in the rolled-up and sliced form of a pizza swirl.

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