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September 28, 2011

project wedding dessert bar: part 3 (fudge)

It’s time for some more wedding dessert bar preparation. This time around, instead of baking, there will be candy-making.

[Queue the oooohs and aahhhs.]

Waiting … waiting … AHEM! … any minute now … What’s that? You already know how to make fudge? Fine. But won’t you be sad if you miss out on the quirky commentary, and additional tips and observations – like the fact that fudge freezes well for 3 months if tightly wrapped? Thought so.

Now that we’ve settled that … first, clean up that kitchen, little piggy! (I really let things go this week. Just wasn’t feeling the whole sponge-and-soap thing. Or even the at-least-soak-things-in-water thing. Pretty much a total mess all around. Good thing I didn’t get a good shot of the sink’s contents, much less the rest of the apartment.)

Now that I’ve cleaned everything up (mostly), it’s time to pull all the ingredients out and clutter the counter again. I’ve said it before and will repeat it every time I share a candy recipe, but you know that whole mis en place concept you hear all over cooking shows that normally is helpful but not entirely necessary? Yeah, it’s actually essential when making fudge or any other type of candy. Candy cooks up fast, especially towards the end when time is of the essence.

So open those bags and containers, and measure out those ingredients to lessen the chances of burnt candy tragedies. Seriously. I’ve done it. Multiple times. First world problem, perhaps, but I still cried.

December 3, 2010

cinnamon-chili pumpkin seeds

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Next time you’re carving up a pumpkin, whether for Thai pumpkin curry or Halloween, save those seeds! Although it might be tempting to toss them away along with the rest of the ooey gooey stringy pumpkin innards, they easily release from those strings and make for a quick, easy snack.

SAM_2718-250 SAM_2719-250

Whether you want a simple salted pumpkin seed or something more exotic like my cinnamon-chili powder flavor of choice, the key to crunchy, evenly salted pumpkin seeds is to boil them in salted water for ten minutes before you flavor them with spices and toss them into the oven to crisp up.

If you usually go with something strictly savory, I’d recommend trying this cinnamon-chili powder version for a change. The cinnamon and sugar give these seeds a warm sweetness, while the chili powder and salt add a touch of savory heat. (more…)

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