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October 20, 2011

project wedding dessert bar: part 10 (chocolate cognac truffles)

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** I wrote this 2 days before the wedding, thought I’d have time to type up the recipe before the wedding, was threatened by the blue screen of death on my laptop, Jay fixed it, and then (inevitably) got wrapped up in other pre-wedding matters. **

It’s almost 4 a.m., and I’m wide awake. I’ve been too excited about the wedding to sleep soundly. As a result, I’ve been running mostly on adrenaline since the sleepless nights began this past Sunday.

In my sleep-impaired state, I’ve decided to deviate from my original plan to share dessert bar recipes in the order that I make them. So I’m hopping ahead of part 8 (toffee) and part 9 (caramels – fleur de sel, and spiced bourbon), which I promise to share at a later time (most likely post-wedding; turns out I still have cookies to bake off, chickpeas to crisp up, and s’mores brownies to figure out … not to mention memorizing the vows I wrote and learning new moves so our first dance isn’t entirely awkward and reminiscent of junior high school slow dances).

Instead, I would like to share these chocolate cognac truffles, which are decadent but not too fussy – especially if you can rope someone into helping you form them into balls. It’s probably best to start with a more uniform selection of chocolate, but these truffles were admittedly an afterthought composed of leftover chocolate from other dessert bar projects. Hence the haphazard selection, including semi-sweet, bittersweet, and 100% chocolate.

The most important thing is to use chocolate you actually enjoy the taste of, which I made sure to do even if my particular combination was quite … diverse.

The second most important thing is to chop the chocolate into small, uniformly sized pieces. This helps ensure quick, even melting.

Beware that, when chopping chocolate, a mess is unavoidable. (more…)

February 28, 2010

brunch: poached egg with truffle salt, scrambled eggs with pancetta, sweet potato hash with caramelized onions, toast with homemade jam, and citrus slices

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Brunch is without a doubt my favorite meal, not just because it offers an array of delicious food but also because it has a certain ad hoc quality that most meals lack. While I love a complicated recipe that requires exact measurements, there’s something almost magical about a meal that comes together without any real need for measuring spoons and cups and without a specific list of ingredients in mind.

DSCN5813-250x187 DSCN5795-250x187
DSCN5809-250x187 DSCN5818-250x187

Growing up, I remember my dad opening the refrigerator door on weekend mornings and peering in with him to see what seemingly random assortment of leftovers could be turned into a magnificent spread for brunch. Frequently, this resulted in some sort of scrambled egg surprise, with scrambled eggs being dressed up with staple items that we always had on hand (e.g., onions and potatoes), random leftover veggies (e.g., broccoli, mushrooms, who knows) and meats (e.g., grilled steak or chicken, maybe even deli ham from the week’s sandwiches), and always loads of salsa. These were my first moments in creative culinary thinking.

All awww’s aside, I’ve never really gotten over a good scramble. But poached eggs? Now, those fluffy little pillows are purely ethereal. (more…)

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