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June 8, 2011

green garlic goat cheese spread

Are you sick of green garlic already? Or have you even tried it yet? Having just discovered it a few weeks back (and in recognition of the fact that it won’t be around for too much longer), I intend to ride the green garlic wave until it becomes scarce at farmers markets. And I’ve discovered yet another marvelous use for it: goat cheese. (more…)

May 25, 2011

green garlic walnut pesto

After stalking green garlic at the market for a couple weeks, I finally approached it with the understanding that, this time, I was taking it home. It didn’t matter that we weren’t familiar with each other, or that I had forgotten to research what others before me had done with this green onion look-alike. I simply knew that I had to experience the younger, milder version of garlic while springtime was still offering it.

SAM_5144-250 SAM_5156-250

Lest I sound like a garlic pervert, I’ll take this opportunity to explain: (more…)

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