For those of you lovers of Mandarin films, you must be familiar with a series of films that tell about games at the gambling table. For example, from Vegas to Macau, All For The Winner, and God of Gamblers, several series have even been made, as well as a number of other films.
In addition, a number of gambling-themed films also tell the story of the success of a number of actors who starred in him as a world gambling king. Call it, Chow Yut Fat, Stephen Chow, to the legend Andy Lau.
However, did you know that in the real world there are Indonesians who are truly recognized as the king of world gambling. Even his name became one of the respected in the gambling arena. Yes, that figure is John Juanda or better known at the gambling table as ‘JJ’.
The man from Medan, North Sumatra is a professional poker player who has won the World Series of Poker (WSOP) championship up to five times. Namely in 2002, 2003, 2008, 2011, and lastly 2014.
Here are a number of facts that are summarized from the success of a John Juanda during his career at the world gambling table, the successful summarized.

5 Facts About John Juanda, King of World Poker Gambling from Medan

1. Born in Medan with Chinese Blood

John’s real name is Johnson Juanda, his last name is his surname. John was born in Medan, North Sumatra on July 8, 1971. He is currently a professional American poker player based in Marina del Rey, California.
John himself came to the United States in 1990 to study marketing and management at Oklahoma State University, and earned an MBA after completing his master’s degree from Seattle University in 1996. John lives in Los Angeles, but in recent years he has been living more often in the United States. Tokyo, Japan.

2. Won the WSOP 5 Times

5 Facts About John Juanda, King of World Poker Gambling from Medan
As reported by Pokerlistings, John Juanda started his career in the major World Series of Poker (WSOP) tournament in 1999. However, he only won his first WSOP in 2002, then continued until 2003, 2008, 2011, and 2014.
The money that John Juanda has made in live tournaments in his WSOP account is more than $4 million (approximately USD 56.612 billion) and places him in the top 10 of the most WSOP cashes of all time.

3. Not Upholding Alcoholic Drinks

John has a bad memory of alcohol. Reporting from, as a child John often saw his father always drinking alcoholic beverages while playing at the gambling table, as a result the gambling game always ended with his father’s defeat.
That’s what always underlies John never drink alcohol while at the gambling table. However, the eldest of four siblings always orders drinks and gives them to their opponents.

4. Known to be friendly and level-headed

There are several things that keep one of the world’s best poker players always on a winning path. Quoting from Pokerlistings, John is known to have a friendly and level-headed attitude when he is at the poker table.
“I try my best to win, but I respect everyone I play with, and when I lose, I don’t get angry. One of Buddhism’s teachings is to have a sense of balance. I am content to do my best and not have too high expectations,” he said. john in the University of Seattle article.

5. Inducted into Poker Hall of Fame

John was officially inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2015. He was inducted on behalf of the 50th member. The inauguration procession also coincided with another world poker player, namely Jen Harman who represented the 49th member.
As quoted from Pokernews, John was chosen because of the myriad achievements in the poker world that he had achieved. Even John has amassed more than 17 million dollars (approximately Rp. 240 billion) in winnings in various world poker tournaments. Such as 5 WSOP gold bracelets, European poker tour, WPT, APT, PPT and a number of wins in other major tournaments.

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